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Biblical References behind the Chronicles of Narnia

I've just finished reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and it has inspired me to research more into the life of this incredible author. In particular, I am interested in the biblical references that are made throughout this novel and, indeed, the rest of the Narnia collection. If anyone can add to this list of biblical references, then please do, as it will be an important part in my investigation into The Chronicles of Narnia.

Biblical References:
* Constant references to Son of Adam/ Daughters of Eve. (TLTWATW)
* Aslan parallels God and the story behind the creation of the universe AND in the same order. (MN)
* The Garden which Digory, Polly, and Fledge are sent to parallels the Garden of Eden. Just as the Garden of Eden, it has a tree in the center of it very similar to the tree of Life. Also in the Garden, Digory is tempted to to eat the apple just as Adam and Eve were, except Digory didn't do as the Witch told him, unlike Adam and Eve.
* Mr. Ketterly may parallel a person who has not accepted God. Andrew was unable to hear the words of Aslan or the other animals because he chose not to believe they could talk. All he could hear was roars and barks and neighing. This is like an unbeliever who has tossed God out of their life. They can no longer hear him, though he has been calling all the long. They have chosen to close their ears to him. (MN)
* In TLTWATW Aslan parallels God, especially God the Son in many ways. The most striking example is that of Aslan dying in the stead of Edmund. He gave his life for Edmund so that he could live. After his death, though, he rose from the dead. This is very similar to how Jesus died for our sins and, afterwords, rising from the dead. (TLTWATW)
* The Stone Table parallels the Cross. Just as Aslan was killed for Edmund's sake on the Stone Table, so to died Jesus die for our sins on the cross. (TLTWATW)
* When Aslan feeds the army after they had defeated the Witch, they were fed by Aslan himself. The Pevensie's said they never knew where he got all the food for them to eat. This parallels when Jesus fed the 5,000. Jesus had only five loaves of bread and two fish, but it was, somehow, enough for them all. (TLTWATW)
* When Peter wipes the blood of of his sword, this may parallel the fact that we need to "wipe" off our sins by asking for forgiveness. Aslan said to Peter to ALWAYS wipe the blood off of his sword, like we need to always repent of our sins after we have committed them. (TLTWATW)

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